I remember in our house, my family always had this gigantic photo album, ek weeti hoeveel photos daai ding vat nie, where all the kids, grand kids, uncles, aunts, grand parents en “wie nog” was in. I know some of you will know what I mean. If I find that book, I will share some images then burn it🔥🔥😂.

Daai photos wat al die mense sien as hulle kom visit🙈. When that album was taken out of the cupboard, I usually ran for my life, because I knew….hier kom dit nou.

Now as a photographer📸, I do not want the children and grand children of today to be scarred for life by having their family album dusted off and shown to the world.

I want to take photos that you would want your grandchildren to see one day, that you would gladly share with the world, photos that shows how much you love the person your with, how much you love your kids, parents, grand parents, friends.

Those images that shows the look in your eye when you saw her coming down the isle, the excitement you felt when rubbing your hand on her pregnant stomach, the smile on your face when you look at him. The love that resonates when you play with your kids, the surprise on your face when you walk into your surprise birthday party or baby shower. The joy that you feel when you surrounded by love ones. I want to capture that MOMENT!!!

– Meaningful images that resembles an
– Occurrence in life that would spark
– Memories not to be forgotten that shows the
– Emotion felt at the time, in your most
– Natural and comfortable state, yet
– Thought provoking images and real.

I am François Masuabi…. let me be the one that captures that for You!!









Your Memories are PRICELESS to you, CAPTURING them is what we do

François Masuabi